Affordable Home Loans

Owning a house is a dream for everyone. However, many people find it difficult to get their foot on the property ladder due to high-income home loans that are not suitable for a big chunk of the population. That’s precisely why we offer you Affordable Home Loans from top banks in India, in line with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), to make your dream of owning a home come true.

Through an Affordable Home Loan, you can borrow money to purchase your home with a salary of as low as INR 20,000 per month. If you fall in the lower income group, chat with us on WhatsApp  +91-8425804441  today to get an Affordable Home Loan at attractive rates.

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Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for an Affordable Home Loan, you must be an Indian citizen over 18 years of age and fulfil the following criteria:

  • Have a minimum income of INR 20,000 per month
  • The property to be purchased must have a carpet size of up to 600 sq. ft in non-metros and up to 345 sq. ft in metros
  • Ideal for women and borrowers from economically weaker sections or low income groups with an annual income of less than 6 lakhs

Purchase the house you always dreamed of for yourself and your family with interest rates starting as low as 8% per annum on Affordable Home Loans. Chat with an expert on WhatsApp  +91-8425804441  to know more.

Small Ticket Loan Against Property

Your home is your biggest asset, giving you a safe place to rest with your family at the end of the day. But did you know that your home can also come to your rescue in a financial emergency?

Small Ticket Loans Against Property offer money against [commercial and residential property to unbanked individuals who may only have cash income or irregular income. This type of loan against property can be availed by people belonging to low income groups, contractual workers, and freelancers who don’t have proper documentation to prove their income.

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Based on your property size and location, you can borrow up to INR 1 Crore or 65 % of your property’s value for a tenure of up to 18 years. While the interest rate is generally higher than what you pay on a regular LAP, Small Ticket LAP lets you unlock the equity in your house even if you only earn cash income or don’t have complete documentation to be eligible for a conventional loan.

You can use Small Ticket Loan Against Property for:

  • Funding your child’s education
  • Marriage expenses
  • Giving your business a capital injection
  • Renovating your property
  • Fulfilling medical expenses

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You can also chat with us onWhatsApp  +91-8425804441 to know more about Small Ticket LAP or conventional loans against property.

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