Construction Finance & Project Term Loans

To ensure timely delivery of residential and commercial units, developers require capital throughout the construction period, from the under-construction phase to the time a project is handed over. 

However, banks have certain criteria that must be met before your application for loan is approved. Some of the key factors that play an important role in project finance are the location of the project, brand name of the builder/developer, past experience in business, projects completed and sold till date, marketability of the project, etc.

At Loan deals, we offer assistance to developers to raise the requisite funds for their proposed or ongoing construction projects, across the life cycle of project development. We partner with leading banks & financial institutions to help developers & builders raise funds to support end-to-end project requirements of Residential and Commercial projects. 

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What is Construction Finance?

Builders and developers can apply for construction finance for developing or construction residential and commercial purposes. Bank will take a mortgage over the land on which the building is proposed along with the super-structure. Personal guarantee from the partners or promoters corporate guarantee may be required in some cases.

The loan can be availed for a duration of 6 months to 5 years.  The money is disbursed to the borrower in installments, depending on the progress of work in the project, its funding requirements, and the availability of sufficient security over. The repayments must be made in an Escrow Account assigned by the financial institution.

Why LoanDeals ?

Complex financial transactions require a trustworthy, reliable and qualified partner who can cater to your financial needs. From faster deal closing to constant support during the length of the transactions, we help our clients get the best products available in the market. We provide customized solutions to meet your requirements instead of following a one-product-fits-all methodology. We also believe in establishing long-term relationships with developers. Our philosophy is to partner with developer groups through a networking model that enables us to cater to their project needs on a regular basis.

What We Offer

At LoanDeals, we have substantial knowledge in this line of business, which enables you to obtain superior financial returns with a faster turnaround time. We, as a team, bring a wealth of experience on the table, across various types of financial transactions for different sectors, and leverage our strong regulatory and legal understanding to structure complex transactions. 

We offer financial assistance for Residential & Commercial Office Projects during their entire project life cycle that includes Pre-construction Finance, Construction Finance, Refinance, Inventory Funding and Lease Rental Discounting. Speak to us on WhatsApp  +91-8425804441  for tailored financial assistance to meet your business obligations and achieve your goals. 

Project Finance at LoanDeals

Builders and Developers can also apply for project finance for business purposes and borrow money for 6 months up to 5 years to meet their business goals.

The following security must be provided to secure project finance:

  • Mortgage over security of adequate value, acceptable to the financial institution.
  • Receivables from various ongoing projects to be assigned in favor of the financial institution. 
  • Personal guarantee of the promoters of the company
  • Any other security as may be considered necessary by financial institution

Once the application is approved, the amount is disbursed in a single tranche or in Installments, as requested by the borrower or agreed mutually with the financial institution. The repayments are made in an Escrow Account assigned by the lender.

Speak to us or WhatsApp  +91-8425804441  on for expert guidance in securing the best financing options for your real-estate projects.

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