Education & School Finance

Education institution finance can be availed for the construction of buildings, facilities, hostels, furniture & fixtures, etc. in relation to dissemination of education. Affiliation & promoters background are some of the key criteria for the evaluation of any loan proposal.

At LoanDeals, we can assist  you in raising a loan facility to improve your infrastructure, as well as extend or upgrade your current facilities. Loan eligibility amount is calculated based on the cash flow of your institution. 

As top notch loan experts, our turnaround time is quicker, and our approach is professional. Besides facilitating the loan process, our endeavor is to hold your hand throughout the lending procedure – from approval to  disbursement to after sales services and day-to-day dealing with all kinds of paperwork, as may be desired by the financial institution.

What is School Finance?

School finance refers to secured loans against a collateral of school or educational institution property. Sometimes, the financial institution may also ask for additional collateral security in the form of office or residential premises of the promoters.

When you apply for school finance, you can obtain EMI options for a maximum 84 Months and borrow up to 80% of the market value of the collateral.

Purpose of School Finance or Education Institute Finance:

  • Purchase of land & building for school/colleges.
  • Construction of buildings.
  • Renovation of building and existing infrastructure.
  • Purchase of furniture & equipment.
  • Purchase of hardware and software content.
  • Balance transfer of your existing loan liabilities.

Who can apply for School Finance?

  • Unaided / recognized institution by state or central board of studies
  • Affiliation to universities.
  • Existing schools/colleges.
  • Minimum monthly fee of Rs. 1,000 per student.
  • Minimum student enrollment of Rs. 250.
  • Strong operational income and committed management.
  • Good repayment track of existing loans (if any).

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