Personal Loans for Salaried

Life shouldn’t be a rat race from start to finish. Rather, it should be about the journey itself. Remember, it’s not about the time you have left, it’s about the life you have in that time.

If you subscribe to the views that we so wholeheartedly do, then its time to take a step back and explore options to add quality to your life. Whether it’s taking that adventure trip you’ve always dreamed about or making your wedding celebrations a time to remember, you can unlock your financial potential and leverage your creditworthiness to enjoy life and things that matter to you and your loved ones. At LoanDeals, we want you to truly live in the now.

Having said, we also believe in a carefully balanced approach to managing your debts. We would discourage you from exposure to multiple loans. Remember, these are personal loans and are designed for a relatively short-term period, for specific purposes.

Being unsecured in nature, Personal Loans are offered at higher rates than Home Loans or Loans Against Property. They can be processed fairly quickly, usually at the click of a button.

All we need to do is:

  • Select the Bank / NBFC
  • Upload Your Application
  • Bank would do few internal & external verifications.
  • In case the checks are found appropriate. Bank would approve and disburse the funds after taking mandatory consent and documents from the borrower


Let’s Clear Some Doubts :

  • Who Can Take a Personal Loan: Personal Loans are unsecured loans for any Salaried or Self Employed Businessman or Professional.

  • What is the Purpose of Personal Loan: These Loans are generally taken for any specific Purpose i.e. (for Marriage, a dream Holiday or Renovations in your house or buying any equipment for your professional use).

  • Can you borrow from multiple financiers: Yes you can avail such Loans from Different Financiers but we HIGHLY DISCOURAGE our clients to do this as it not only brings down your credit score but also affects your repayment in the long run. We at LOANDEALS will assess your requirements for availing multiple loans and would suggest the right option, given that there are so many other tools to avail finance.

  • What is the general Period for Repaying the Loan: The Normal Repayment tenure is between 1 yr and 5 years, and we will guide you to adopt the repayment time frame that ensures a manageable EMI over a reasonable time frame.

  • Why are the Rates HIGH on Personal LOANS: These are Unsecured Loan and the financier is willing to lend you money only on the basis of your past record i.e. (Cibil Score, your work profile and your previous loan history), but in case of any default the Financier has no Security to Recover their money and hence adds to the risk factor.

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